Monday, April 05, 2010

Ok it's been a while!

Boy I have neglected this blog. My goal is to write something once a week about mosaic art, dream art, Artists in Dreamland 2010, etc.

The call for entry for Artists in Dreamland has been published and you can find it at

I have started uploading pictures of my dream art today. I have @ new dream pieces, one is a tryptic and the other fused glass piece. I will upload the tryptic in the next few days. I have yet to take a picture of the fused glass piece.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Backsplash and picture frame updates

This morning I started bright and early to install the latest panel of the backsplash. It went up with some difficulty - but it's up and looking good. My client is happy with it and excited to have it grouted tomorrow. I will get to my client's home tomorrow bright and early again - and get the three panels grouted. The fifth and last panel will get started in the next couple of weeks. I hope to get it mosaiced, installed and grouted by the end of August. I will post pictures of the backsplash when I get them.

The commissioned picture frame is mosaiced; I grouted it and painted the edges yesterday. I will repaint the edges later today and then get it to my client tomorrow or Friday. I will post a picture of it here sometime next week.

I had a vivid dream last night that I can't stop thinking about. I wrote it down, talked with my husband about it, and "worked" it a bit...came to some conclusions about what it's talking about. I have realized it's about the changes that are going on in our family (my daughter going to college in less than a month) and being
"called" to take on something that I keep on trying to "give away"...for me, it's about the "call" for me to do sculpture, which is something that I have done a little bit of, but I have avoided trying to create a piece of sculpture that I have been sketching and planning.

I will work this dream by writing about it, sketching it, painting it, and then sculpting it in some way. I'm not sure it'll be ceramic or cement with mosaic - or maybe both. Or maybe working this dream will propel me to finally create the antlered one extending a lotus flower to me. I hope it's that simple.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My website and dream art

My website has been converted to just this weekend. I'm in the process of building it but one thing that will be different is the main focus will be on dream art - mosaic, fine silver, clay sculpture...and soon encaustic painting.

I do have my birdbath on the new website for anyone who would like to see it. The pictures aren't very clear and the color isn't very accurate, but you'll get the idea. I'm hoping to get a picture of it in its new yard soon.

I have recently been having dreams, seemingly ordinary and pretty boring. But then I remember that each dream we have is another look at something, maybe something that we are not aware of or we are denying its existence (which is an unconscious process). So these dreams come to inform or remind us that that this something is there and real, whether we like or not. If we accept that aspect of ourselves and recognize it as "me" then we become more whole, which has got to be more healthy.

So my dream this morning, as embarrassing as it is, came to remind me of my passivity, my choice to not speak up and speak my truth. That is a common motif in my dreams and in my waking life. Time to stop keeping my mouth shut and be silently frustrated. Say something! Just because I assert myself by speaking my truth, it doesn't mean that the people around me have to change - it's me who has to change and it'll feel better.

So in order to explore this dream in its language (rather than talking about it) I will create sculpt it out of clay. Michel Eyquem De Montaigne said "I believe it to be true that Dreams are the true Interpreters of our Inclinations; but there is Art required to sort and understand them" (Essays, Bk. III, Ch XIII). Couldn't have said it any better.

Monday, July 13, 2009 frame...dream art

The birdbath is in its new home in Charlotte was delivered at the end of May. The new owner is very happy with it, which is always nice. I will post a photo of it soon.

The backsplash is coming along - I'm finishing up and installing the 4th panel this week.

Last week I was hired to mosaic a photo frame using my client's grandmother's china as tesserae. I have sanded and sealed the frame and will start mosaicing it this week. Due date is August 10 so it'll be quick piece.

I have been creating clay sculpture to express dreams that I wake up with. I created a face that expresses a dream that I had forgotten something really important and then remember it in the beginning of the dream. I do see those kind of dreams as a gentle poke at me, to wake me up - there are things that I'm not keeping track of...falling asleep to. I hope the face will be a reminder to stay awake, conscious in my waking life. I have also sculpted an abstract piece to express a dream I woke up with this morning. I will post a photo of the piece along with the dream when it's fired and glazed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dream art, kitchen backsplash, and birdbath

I began the "bones" of the dream totem pole - it's what I saw in a dream a few years ago. The pole should be a little over 6 feet tall. I have 4 faces formed that will be placed on the pole. I need more faces to create a mask on.

Yesterday I got a lot done on the kitchen backsplash - the rolling hills are full of greens and look great. I will finish this particular panel (with two hills) on Thursday of this week.

The birdbath is coming along - the base is done and I'm now working on the movement of water up with column - around the bubbles.

Today I will work on the piece of dream art that's supposed to be in the "Artists in Dreamland" exhibit this year.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Niki De Sainte Phalle listened to her dreams too

I forgot to add that I was talking with a delightful artist on our way to Niki's Queen Califia's Magical Circle...she said that Niki told her that her dreams guide her. I have since read that she dreamt of a garden that she was inspired to create in waking life. I was so excited to learn of this - as my passion is dream art!

SAMA conference and First Friday

The SAMA conference was wonderful - full of great presentations and mosaic artist who love the art of mosaic as much as I do. I bought four pounds of smalti and some milliefori - and a book by Sherri Warner Hunter. I could've bought more smalti but I was worried I didn't have any more room in my suitcase. I also took a tour of Nicki De Saine Phalle's Queen Califia's Magical Circle. It was amazing, wonderful, fabulous, inspiring, spiritual and moving. I don't think I can post any pictures I took of the maze or the totems because of copyright, but I will find the link to the Niki Foundation so you can see some images of the place. I can say that pictures don't do the space justice - go and see it, experience it yourself. Here's the URL - I just found another garden with her sculptures: Her work is mythological, spiritual, and epic.

First Friday is coming up - I'll be demonstrating mosaicing again. I am not sure if I'll work on the birdbath or the dream piece that I need to get done for later in April.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Publicity and finding time to create art

This morning I got some publicity done for the "Artists in Dreamland" exhibit. The press releases will be in the Coloradoan, Scene Magazine, ReBeet e-newsletter, and the FCMOCA's e-newsletter. Postcards will be coming soon.

I finished the dream mask - I'll kiln it before I fly to San Diego on Friday .m. I think I'll carve the face a little more to accentuate the lines.

I had a dream with werewolves in the last couple of nights and I am inspired to create a fine silver piece to express the different characters in the dream. Dream theory tells us that every bit and part in the dream, including the characters, colors, floor, and sky, are symbolic parts of the I have a "werewolves", men in black suits, and a man/woman parts of myself that I want to explore in this piece. Should be interesting.

Hopefully I will get some more of the birdbath done today too. I need to get some pictures posted here!